Brighton Fuse Freelancer Report – Executive Summary

“An effect of the recession and subsequent signs of recovery has been a growth in self-employment over the last decade. This development has been interpreted in various ways. Many in the policy arena raise concerns that this is an economic illusion: that these many individuals represent displaced employment, possibly the residual that is left after the essential workforce is identified. It is suspected that the self-employed are keeping up appearances with occasional odd jobs, struggling by and would prefer the securities of a ‘real job’.

FuseBox24 radical business support programme: Showcase and Policy Recommendations events

Following on from our Brighton Fuse Research Project, the FuseBox24 programme has applied arts, design and humanities approaches and insights to innovation driving the new creative and digital economy. The following events will be discussing what has been discovered about the power of arts to fuel innovation.  Come along to hear innovator success stories and the research results of the Arts and Humanities Research Council-supported FuseBox24 radical programme of start-up business support hosted by Wired Sussex at the FuseBox in Brighton.