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BLOG: Why are you asking me that? (or: how we wrote the Brighton Fuse company survey)

After much blood, sweat, tears and biscuits, the Brighton Fuse survey went live just over a week ago. We’ve been delighted by the tide of results rushing in – if you have been invited to participate, please do fill your survey in as every response counts! Freelancers, we haven’t forgotten about you – we’re currently working on a second survey specifically tailed to your own work which will be going live in the autumn.

BLOG: Making Brighton Fuse social

  This is a guest post written by Ross Breadmore, consultant with NixonMcInnes. NixonMcInnes are a Brighton based social business consultancy. As I’ve stated a million times before, I love Brighton. I love working in Brighton. And I love working for a company that loves Brighton. Love love love. Brighton Brighton Brighton. So it was ace to be asked to help with Brighton Fuse, a two-year social research and development project “which will map, measure and assist Brighton’s creative, digital and IT cluster”. It involves a core team of researchers, academics and analysts, various bodies and delivery partners including our friends at Wired Sussex.

BLOG: Recipe of the week: A digital and creative city

We’ve been working on Brighton Fuse for a few months, and we’ve often talked about the project to different kinds of audiences. Almost every time someone asks the same question: Why are you looking at Brighton? Why not [insert name of almost any other city in the UK]?

BLOG: Why the Brighton Fuse survey is really really important

One crucial element of our research is the Brighton FUSE Company Survey, which is going live in June 2012. If you run a creative or digital business in Brighton & Hove, you will receive an e-mail inviting you to participate. Your participation really matters to us! We need a high response rate to develop reliable findings and sound recommendations which can help support your business in lots of ways.

BLOG: The Brighton Fuse: Getting started

Hello, and welcome to the Brighton Fuse! The Brighton Fuse is an extremely large government-funded research project being carried out by Brighton University, Sussex University, the Confederation for Industry and Higher Education, and Wired Sussex. We plan to create the most accurate picture of the Brighton cluster of digital and creative firms ever. Like you, we know that this is a super-interesting topic and our advisory board, which includes representatives from the BBC, Channel 4 and Sky, agree with us. The aim of the project is to explore one simple question: Does bringing together creativity with digital technologies lead to innovation and economic growth? Why would we expect this to be the case?