BLOG: Finding the arts in the Fuse

Elephant Bed (John Grade, 2009 exhibition sponsored by the Arts Council)

Guest post by Stephanie Fuller, Senior Planning, Arts Council

In my work I spend a good deal of time promoting the value of the arts and cultural sector to the creative industries as a whole and the economy in general.  Current enthusiasm for growth as an economic driver doesn’t do these organisations any favours – typically they are micro or small businesses and for the majority growth is neither desired nor appropriate.  Despite this they make a significant contribution to the economy through driving innovation, collaboration and exchange of ideas.

So why is the Arts Council part of the Brighton FUSE advisory group?  We want to understand more about how the successful creative and digital sector in Brighton and Hove works.  Anecdotally we think that these categories of business have interconnections and overlaps, and a collective value larger than the sum of their parts.  BrightonFUSE challenges some of the traditional definitions of the creative industries, and reflects the fact that the sector is changing and evolving much faster than anyone’s ability to categorise it.

So all you arts and creative organisations in Brighton and Hove need to fill in the survey. We need to know as much about the companies in the architecture, arts and antiques, crafts, and fashion sectors as we do about the more those who work in digital media and information technologies.  If the arts and creative businesses don’t add their information to the survey it wont be representative of the richness and breadth of the sector, and it will reduce our ability to represent it as a valuable and significant part of the economy, and as such worthy of financial or other support.

If you have received a Brighton FUSE survey please take the time to fill it in.  The survey is only as good as the data, so we need your information.  If you are part of the creative, digital or IT sector in Brighton and Hove and registered with Companies House you should have received a survey already.  If not, get in touch so you can get one.  If you’re a freelancer, there will be an opportunity for you in September to add your input to the mix.

A better understanding of the interrelationships between the parts of the CDIT sector will help us to advocate for the value of all elements of it as a whole, which can only benefit everyone.

Please help us to make this research as well evidenced as it can be.  Fill in a form now!

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