Follow-up Brighton Fuse Report: Available to download


This new report has been written as a follow-up to our initial Brighton Fuse research. Brighton Fuse contained detailed empirical evidence which demonstrated that integrating creativity with technology significantly improves business success. This follow-up research investigates the current health of Brighton’s Fused cluster with some interesting insights.

The report covers questions including:

  • Is superfusion still key to driving business success in the cluster?
  • Have businesses continued to grow, or have they declined?
  • Has the skills gap problem got worse, or better?
  • Even if businesses generate revenues, are they profitable? The ‘value capture’ problem.
  • What business models are most popular? And how do these affect revenues?
  • How many businesses have closed in the cluster in the last 2 years?

This research was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and carried out by
Principal Investigator: Dr Jonathan Sapsed (University of Brighton)
Co‐Investigator: Dr Roberto Camerani (University Of Sussex)
Researchers: Dr Monica Masucci (University of Sussex) and Dr Megha Rajguru
Industry partner: Phil Jones (Wired Sussex)

Download the report here

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the findings please get in touch 01273 692888

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