BLOG: The Brighton Fuse: Getting started

Hello, and welcome to the Brighton Fuse!

The Brighton Fuse is an extremely large government-funded research project being carried out by Brighton University, Sussex University, the Confederation for Industry and Higher Education, and Wired Sussex. We plan to create the most accurate picture of the Brighton cluster of digital and creative firms ever. Like you, we know that this is a super-interesting topic and our advisory board, which includes representatives from the BBC, Channel 4 and Sky, agree with us.

The aim of the project is to explore one simple question: Does bringing together creativity with digital technologies lead to innovation and economic growth?

Why would we expect this to be the case? 

In a highly competitive economy where there is increasing use of digital technologies, creativity helps businesses to stand out from the crowd. We can see this in the increasing importance of design, usability, advertising, branding and sponsoring in industry, government and elsewhere.

  •  Artistic and creative content are the ‘poetry’ that brings inert platforms and products to life. This is why media content has been so important in digital ecosystems – where would iTunes and the App Store be without music, games, video and books?
  •  Digital technologies can allow new forms of creative expression and interaction to take place, as well as new ways of finding, recombining, and developing creative ideas. This explains the extraordinary growth of industries and companies who are based at this intersection of digital technology and the arts.
  •  The people who develop and deliver all of this creativity thrive in particular workplaces and areas. There is growing attention being paid to the management of innovation and creativity within organisations, and to the arts and culture as potential springboards for entrepreneurship and innovation in ‘creative cities’ like Brighton.
  •  The creative industries are extremely important for the UK economy. This has been recently highlighted by the UK government’s introduction of tax relief for the production of computer games, animation, and ‘high end’ TV programs in the UK. Given the current economic and political importance of the creative industries, we need to understand this sector better.

Over the coming months we’ll be talking here about the FUSE in more detail, explaining about the research methods we’re using (and why your participation is so important!) and also the background to the project: why Brighton is so important, what we mean by ‘innovation’, how government policy can help or hinder the creative industries, and lots more.

In the meantime if you’d like to know more, or are interested in getting involved then please don’t hesitate to contact us: leave a comment, grab us on twitter (@brightonfuse; #brightonfuse), or drop us an e-mail:




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    Thanks for getting in touch about the project. It’s great that Pure360 would like to be involved. Please can you send Georgina ( an email with your availability and we can arrange a time to meet up for a chat.

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