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Brighton Fuse is supported by an advisory board of policy-makers and representatives from local and national government, the arts, digital technologies, media, television, business, skills training, and higher education.

Arts Council South East Logo

The Arts Council is developing, promoting and investing in the arts in England, its South East regional office supports many innovative creative digital arts projects within the Brighton Fuse area.

Jon Pratty (Relationship Manager, Creative Media)

BBC Academy Logo

The BBC Academy puts training and development at the heart of the BBC and works with the wider broadcast industry to equip people with the skills for a lifetime of employability in the ever-changing media landscape.

Anne Morrison (Director)

Brighton & Hove City Council Logo

Brighton & Hove City Council is the local authority at the centre of the Brighton digital media hub, actively encouraging and supporting its development through funding and practical development.

Nick Hibberd (Head of City Regeneration)

Channel 4 is the UK’s only publicly-owned, commercially-funded public service broadcaster, with a remit to be innovative, experimental and distinctive. In addition to the main Channel 4 service, the Channel 4 portfolio includes E4, More4, Film4 and 4Music, as well as an ever-growing range of online activities including, Channel 4’s bespoke video-on-demand service 4oD and stand alone digital projects. As a publisher-broadcaster, Channel 4 commissions content from the independent production sector across television, film and digital media.

Helen Jay (Public Affairs Manager)

cogapp logo

Founded in 1985, Cogapp has worked with almost every digital media technology from the floppy disk to the iPad. The Cogapp team currently features around 40 friendly professional staff who share more than 200 years of high-level experience. Current projects include websites, interactive installations and mobile apps. Cogapp also advise, design, consult and provide maintenance and operating services. Cogapp serves clients in the museums, culture, media, sports, charity, government and commercial sectors and operate from a headquarters in Brighton and an office in New York.

Greg Hadfield (Director of Strategy)

Department for Culture, Media and Sport Logo

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport is the government department responsible for the digital economy, and championing the creative and leisure industries.

Dr Adam Cooper (Head of Research)

Gobo Games is a Brighton & Hove interactive media start-up that projects bright ideas that GO Beyond Ordinary.

Tony Beckwith (Studio Head)

Magic Lantern Logo

Magic Lantern is an interactive media company that aims to make a difference by connecting, entertaining, informing and inspiring people using the latest technology, clients include Channel 4, Google, and The Tate Modern.

Anthony Lilley (Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer)


NESTA is the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts, an independent organisation investing in early-stage companies, informing policy, and delivering practical programmes that inspire others to solve the big challenges of the future.

Hasan Bakhshi (Director, Creative Industries, Policy & Research Unit)

Plenty Productions Logo

Plenty Productions is a Brighton-based community organisation facilitating high quality, small-scale arts and media projects focusing mainly on black and minority ethnic communities.

Dr Alan Cawson (Director)

Ricochet Television Logo

Ricochet Television is one of Britain’s leading independent television production companies making high quality factual and entertainment programmes that changes people’s lives.

Nick Powell (Managing Director)

Sky is a valued part of everyday life in over 10 million homes. We entertain, excite and inspire customers with a great choice of high-quality television and we connect people to each other and to the world with our broadband and phone services.  Seeing the bigger picture is part and parcel of the way we do business which is why we’re committed to doing the right thing and playing our part in the communities where we live and work

Rowena James (Future Talent Manager)


University of Liverpool Logo

University of Liverpool is a research based university with a pioneering reputation and 27,000 students pursuing over 400 programmes spanning 54 subject areas.

Dr Beatriz Garcia (Director of Impacts 08)


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