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National Centre for Business and Universities

Vision: Increasing the prosperity and wellbeing of the UK through world-leading university and business collaboration.

Mission: By effective collaboration nurture the right talent, innovation and expertise for the UK’s future growth.

Drawing on the 25 years’ experience of our predecessor body, the Council for Industry and Higher Education (CIHE), NCUB is committed to a programme of research, policy development and practical partnerships. From facilitating collaborative R&D, to developing the entrepreneurial and employability skills of students at all stages of their education, NCUB is working to support UK business and higher education in a competitive global market.

David Docherty (Chief Executive)

University of Brighton Logo

Through its Centre for Innovation Management (CENTRIM) and Faculty of Arts the University of Brighton is delivering research and expert analysis for Brighton Fuse. The University of Brighton is a community of teaching professionals and students consistently producing research of an international standard. Its multidisciplinary approach enables researchers to make significant contributions to social, cultural, economic and environmental wellbeing across the arts and humanities, science, technology and engineering. The University’s business partners range from established international corporations to small and medium sized enterprises, and local start-ups.

The Faculty of Arts incorporates architecture and design, arts and media, and humanities. It is committed to nurturing excellence and providing a world-leading research environment for the arts. Researchers work across fine arts, performing arts, fashion and textile design, product design, photography, digital media and cultural heritage.

The Centre for Innovation Management is one of the world’s ten leading innovation research groups, and one of the four leading UK university centres in innovation management. It sits within the Brighton Business School and draws on social science methodologies to map and evaluate business innovation, closing the loop between research and practice. Working with colleagues at the University of Sussex Science and Technology Policy Research unit (SPRU), CENTRIM forms part of the largest cluster of innovation scholars and students in the world.

Anne Boddington (Dean of the Faculty of Arts)
Professor Steven Miles (Director of Postgraduate Studies)
Juan Mateos-Garcia (Research Fellow)
Dr Jonathan Sapsed (Principal Research Fellow)
Georgina Voss (Research Fellow)

The University of Sussex Science and Technology Research Unit (SPRU) is delivering research and expert analysis for Brighton Fuse. University of Sussex has a built a reputation for world class research, creative thinking, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

SPRU combines postgraduate teaching in science, technology, and innovation with the conduct of world-leading research and policy advice. It forms part of a worldwide network of interdisciplinary researchers analysing the rate and direction of scientific change and innovation, and developing effective policies for risk management and sustainability. The current focus of SPRU research includes innovation management in business, technological competition within industries, the impact of technologies on society, positive contribution, regulation, good governance, and solutions to economic and social policy problems. SPRU researchers are prominent participants in global academic and policy debates concerning information technology, and the roles of public and private research organisations.

SPRU has created a unique, international research culture founded on cooperation and mutual support, crossing traditional competitive boundaries to promote wealth creation, social inclusion, sustainability and development. Working with colleagues at the University of Brighton Centre for Innovation Management (CENTRIM), SPRU forms part of the largest cluster of innovation scholars and students in the world.

Roberto Camerani (Research Student and Associate Tutor)
Dr Alex Coad (Research Fellow)
Dr Paul Nightingale (Deputy Director)
Fernanda Puppato (Researcher)

Wired Sussex is a Brighton-based membership organisation for companies and freelancers operating in the digital, media and technology sectors in Sussex. They help those companies deliver innovation, creativity and growth, and work to enhance the reputation of this fast-growing regional cluster on the international stage. The enthusiasm, expertise and involvement of Wired Sussex member companies underpins the Brighton Fuse research.

Wired Sussex helps companies access talent, workspaces, investment and clients. They run recruitment, training and internship services and help companies and individuals find studio and office space. They are also involved with other research and business engagement projects and provide consultancy services to universities and to local, regional and national government. The MD of Wired Sussex currently oversees the development and delivery of an enterprise and entrepreneurship strategy for high growth businesses on behalf of the Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership.

Phil Jones (Managing Director)

Jim Byford (Researcher In Residence)

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