BLOG: Why the Brighton Fuse survey is really really important

One crucial element of our research is the Brighton FUSE Company Survey, which is going live in June 2012. If you run a creative or digital business in Brighton & Hove, you will receive an e-mail inviting you to participate.

Your participation really matters to us! We need a high response rate to develop reliable findings and sound recommendations which can help support your business in lots of ways.

1. By looking at the Brighton digital cluster in detail, we can raise its profile in the eyes of potential collaborators, clients, investors and funders, as well as local and national policymakers. Your responses will allow us to estimate the effects of the digital cluster in the Brighton economy as accurately as we can. This is difficult to do if we just use official data as what government calls “digital” can mean parts of lots of different industries.

2. We’ll use your responses to describe factors affecting how firms in the cluster innovate and grow, and the challenges that they face along the way. This will help us to develop recommendations for policymakers and universities on how best to support the growth of the cluster, and the companies in it

3. We’ll generate evidence about what works – and what doesn’t – for  businesses at the cutting edge of the digital economy. We can do this by linking the data on how you manage your innovation and creative processes, take part in local and digital networks, and collaborate with partners down the street (and the other side of the world) to objective measures of business performance. This will help you compare what you do with other companies around you

4. Last but not least, we know that many of you are curious about the nature of the Brighton digital cluster itself – its history, its members and what really goes on in it. We’ll be collecting data on all of these topics, and much more. So – if there is anything you always wanted to know about the Brighton CDIT cluster but you were afraid to ask, leave a comment, grab us on twitter (@brightonfuse; #brightonfuse), or drop us an e-mail.

We know that what we uncover with this work will be of interest to a large audience, which is why we’re interested in publishing the results in top academic journals. But we’re not interested in naming names – what we write will be anonymous and screened by the University’s ethics department to ensure that your confidentiality is not compromised. We’ll also make the results and recommendations as widely available as possible, and we’d love to hear from you about what you think the best way of doing this would be.





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